Quadrans supports the research on Covid-19

8th May 2020 (last update 18th June 2021)

Foundation News

The Quadrans Foundation has joined Folding@home, the initiative of Stanford University to contribute to the shared study of the viral protein contained in the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and aid the research to study a possible treatment.

Folding@home (FAH) is a project that uses the power of distributed computing to simulate and study the physical process of protein folding, the design of pharmaceutical drugs and other molecular dynamics. Since October 2000, when the first version was released, Folding@home has contributed to the scientific research on Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseases, tumours cell mutations and viruses.

Quadrans intends to contribute to the study of Covid-19 by encouraging Airdrop participants Quadrans Community members to contribute to the research and be rewarded with additional Quadrans Tokens for their effort. Interested users can join the Quadrans team created for the Folding@home project by downloading the FAHclient application and offer part of their computer resources to help defeat the Coronavirus.

The initiative allows Airdrop users Quadrans Community members who have completed the KYC to receive a reward in Quadrans Tokens as a thank you for the work done on Folding@home.

More information on how to install and configure the FAHclient application, join the Quadrans team and how your work will be rewarded can be found in the dedicated documentation.
More details on the Folding@home Covid-19 project can be found on the official website.