The blockchain

Quadrans Ecosystem

and Internal Incentive

Quadrans is an open-source, public and decentralised blockchain for storage and data sharing. Organisations around the world can use Quadrans to create cross-border automatisms to improve the execution of processes and facilitate data management.

We have created a new consensus algorithm to improve the efficiency of Quadrans blockchain. It uses both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work protocols and combines them into a modified Proof of Authority.

Our primary objective is to solve the Buterin’s Trilemma - the problem of balance between security, scalability, and decentralisation in a blockchain ecosystem. We aim to set a new method of data encryption to provide greater security to Quadrans blockchain.

The Quadrans Token (QDT)

A total of 600 million QDT have been generated. They are used to:

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    Secure the installation of Masternodes and Miner nodes

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    Upload new Smart Contracts

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    Regulate the distribution of rewards

The Quadrans Coin (QDC)

Quadrans Coins are used to record information onto Quadrans blockchain. They are designed to:

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    Ensure operational stability within the network

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    Reward Token holders for their contribute to the network

Become a Quadrans miner to collect Quadrans Coins.

The Reward

All Token holders receive a reward in QDC based on the active contribution to the network.

Quadrans protocol distributes reward between Token Holders proportionally to the quantity of QDT owned and according to the configuration below:


Token Holders


Miner nodes




Do you want to use Quadrans?

We have prepared a Wiki for you to access the documentation to get to know Quadrans, how to install a node and use it.

Navigate the Wiki and find the information you need.

The Network

A technology
in constant development

The combination of Nodes, Miner nodes and Masternodes increases the system capacity to validate transactions and achieve high scalability without sacrificing security and decentralisation.

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    Nodes carry a copy of the network’s ledger of transactions.

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    Miner nodes validate transactions and contributes to maintaining the network secure.

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    Masternodes validate blocks of the chain and optimise the work of the Miner nodes.

Quadrans technology improves day by day...

The projects

Ecosystem and dApps

The Quadrans Blockchain can be used to create a permanent, public and transparent cryptoeconomic system for information and data management.

Quadrans Foundation supports anyone, from startups to public enterprises, to adopt Quadrans technology as a structural element for growth and economic progress.

Quadrans was first pioneered by Foodchain SpA in 2016 to enable supply chain management through the use of blockchain technology within the Food industry.

Many other projects are emerging and growing thanks to Quadrans.